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Dr. Shawn Talbott
Synchronizing Your 3 Brains: The Heart's Role In Your Mental Health
The heart does much more than just pump blood through the body. Discover the emerging science of the body's third brain - the heart, which contains over 50,000 neurons. Find out how heart health has a direct relationship to mental wellness.
Suzie Senk
Sleep Hacks To Recapture Your Sanity
Sleep is critical to your mental performance, but there's so many wrong ways to try to get better sleep! Connect the role that our diet and daily behaviors play in our sleep quality. Debunk the myths about sleep and discover the top 3 sleep hacks.
Carly Neubert
The Link Between Your Immune System Strength And Your Mental Fitness
Discover the hidden secret to how the immune system plays a leading role in your mental performance. Often mistaken just for its role in whether or not you get sick, the immune system is doing so much more! Learn about the signs of a weak vs. strong immune system and what you can do to strengthen your system!
Heather Aardema
Break Free From Fomo To Cut Through The Noise And Make Better Decisions
Constantly feel like you're being pulled in multiple directions at once? Feel like you're always busy but not really getting anything done? Learn the new science of clarity & decision making, leading to greater daily productivity!
Dr. Keesha Ewers
The Intersection Of Past Trauma, Genetic Expression, The Microbiome, And Overall Health And Vitality
Optimizing your health and vitality takes more than just eating right and exercise. Learn the science behind your unique "genetic expression" and the profound impact that this, coupled with your microbiome, has on your mental, emotional, and physical states.
Jenny Layton
Eliminate The Clutter That's Overwhelming You And Holding You Hostage
Having clutter in areas of your life can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, and even feelings of depression!  It can also affect your ability to make good decisions. Learn how to create systems to simplify and/or eliminate it in your home and your life.
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