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Michelle Riddle
The Psychological Science Of Tech Dependency
How many times do you check your phone and other tech devices every day? Too many times to keep track of probably! Find out why we are so addicted to our tech devices, and what damage is being done. Then learn ways to have a healthy relationship with technology.
Dr. Shawn Talbott
Synchronizing Your 3 Brains: The Heart's Role In Your Mental Health
The heart does much more than just pump blood through the body. Discover the emerging science of the body's third brain - the heart, which contains over 50,000 neurons. Find out how heart health has a direct relationship to mental wellness.
Holly J. Bertone
How To Find Joy And Happiness In Chaos And Adversity
The world can be chaotic and full of adversity. With so many obstacles how does one find joy and happiness? Learn how to prepare yourself for adversity to be ready in advance and have a healthy relationship with stress.
Carly Neubert
The Link Between Your Immune System Strength And Your Mental Fitness
Discover the hidden secret to how the immune system plays a leading role in your mental performance. Often mistaken just for its role in whether or not you get sick, the immune system is doing so much more! Learn about the signs of a weak vs. strong immune system and what you can do to strengthen your system!
Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby
How To Develop An Innovative And Creative Mindset
Why are some people more creative or innovative? Can creativity be learned? Learn about the relationship that mindfulness, nutrition, and relaxation play in developing a creative mindset.
Dr. John Dempster 
Leveraging Your Gut-Brain-Heart Axis For Accelerated Intelligence
Can the newly discovered gut-brain-heart axis increase your intelligence? Learn about the top 3 things you can do to tap into the mental performance accessible in your three brains.
Dr. Keesha Ewers
The Intersection Of Past Trauma, Genetic Expression, The Microbiome, And Overall Health And Vitality
Optimizing your health and vitality takes more than just eating right and exercise. Learn the science behind your unique "genetic expression" and the profound impact that this, coupled with your microbiome, has on your mental, emotional, and physical states.
Patrick Porter PhD
The Power Of Visualization On The Brain And Neuroplasticity
We're revealing the latest breakthroughs in neuro-science and brain health. You'll learn how to support your brain to adapt to the stress it faces in today’s world using light, sound and vibration. Supply your brain with the tools it needs to create new brain patterns and help it to move from a sympathetic dominance to a para-sympathetic wellness.
Rowena Gates

Water, Wavelengths, And Optimizing Mental Performance
Water is not just water. Your cellular water - and your state of wellbeing - can be enhanced by certain wavelengths. Learn how you can leverage different types of electromagnetic waves for mental performance and healthy aging.

Heather Aardema
Break Free From Fomo To Cut Through The Noise And Make Better Decisions
Constantly feel like you're being pulled in multiple directions at once? Feel like you're always busy but not really getting anything done? Learn the new science of clarity & decision making, leading to greater daily productivity!
Aimee Carlson
How Hidden Toxins In Your Home And Work May Be Limiting Your Mental Performance
So much of your environment directly affects your ability to think, sleep and even function at optimized levels.  Learn how to detoxify your environment to give you the mental boost you need to feel clear-headed and mentally focused.
Dr. Peter Osborne
Effective Vitamins To Optimize Your Mental Performance
Vitamins have been part of the health & wellness conversation for decades. Science has evolved and modern multivitamins are different than your grandfather's multivitamin. Learn what makes some vitamins extremely more effective than others!
Jessica Sherman
Improving Your Kids' Grades With Strategic Nutrition
Open your eyes to the pivotal role nutrition plays in the academic development and performance for your kids. Parents only want the best for their kids and this presentation is jam-packed with important new information you need to know about nutrition and supplements for optimal mental fitness for your children.
Jenny Layton
Eliminate The Clutter That's Overwhelming You And Holding You Hostage
Having clutter in areas of your life can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, and even feelings of depression!  It can also affect your ability to make good decisions. Learn how to create systems to simplify and/or eliminate it in your home and your life.
Shiroko Sokitch
Using Superfoods And Natural Performance Enhancers To Level Up Your Mental Game
Learn about the secret relationship between superfoods and mental fitness. Find out what nutrients and foods directly fuel peak mental performance & cognition. Debunk the hype and learn the truth about how to up your mental game through superfoods.
Susan Brady
3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory Retention So That You Don't Drop The Ball
This presentation will enlighten you to the top mental fitness exercises for memory retention as well as how your diet and behaviors impact your memory retention. What are the proven techniques of high performers to increase their memory retention? Find out here.
Suzie Senk
Sleep Hacks To Recapture Your Sanity
Sleep is critical to your mental performance, but there's so many wrong ways to try to get better sleep! Connect the role that our diet and daily behaviors play in our sleep quality. Debunk the myths about sleep and discover the top 3 sleep hacks.
Tammy Guns
Develop A Success Mindset To Get “Unstuck” And Achieve More In Life
Learn how to move from stuck to successful. Mindset is key! Listen to the techniques the world's top performers use to get unstuck and free to accelerate their life and achieve their goals.
Jack Tips Ph.D.
The Native American Mirror Technique; How To Remove & Improve The Thoughts & Feelings That Limit Your Success
Discover an ancient technique used for centuries by Native Americans. Learn how to craft the "verses" and optimize the use of your 5 senses. Find out how this method can help you move past limitations to experience life from a more positive and proactive position.
Carol A. Kivler
Mental Health Recovery Boosters
Mental health recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.  It comes, in large part, from focusing on mental health and mental wellness, adopting a lifestyle that enhances wellness, and choosing peace and contentment. Remember freedom of choice is your birthright--choosing your path is entirely up to you.
Rachael O' Meara
Finding The Right Words To Communicate How You Really Feel
Ever wish you had said something different to communicate your feelings or ideas? You may believe you can't improve, but the truth is you can "skill up" in your communication abilities. Enjoy better relationships and career momentum by reducing anxiety and increasing confidence in your communications.
Peggy O'Neill
Attract More Love And Opportunity Into Your Life By Replacing Your Victim Mentality
What is victim mentality and how is it holding you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams? Are you acting like a victim and don't even know it? Learn about the antidote to victim mentality so you can move towards being an overcomer and achiever.
Patricia Diesel
How To Improve Your Focus To Get The Right Things Done Each Day
We've all heard of the shocking decrease in our attention spans! We are easily distracted and pulled in many directions. The truth is that there are many myths around focus, multi-tasking, and performance. Uncover the real science behind results-producing behaviors of the world's top achievers.
Daniel Kalish
Using Natural Focused Energy To Claim Your Mental Edge
Many people seek their mental edge by loading up on extreme amounts of caffeine or high-stimulant energy drinks. All lead to a crash and ultimately backfire! Learn how to tap into natural, focused energy and claim your sustainable and consistent mental edge.
Devin Henderson
Breaking Through Physical And Mental Performance Plateaus
When you feel stuck or flat how do you break through to the next level of performance? Where do plateaus come from in the first place? Learn the top 3 ways to get unstuck and realize your full potential.
Sonya Sophia
Tap Into Your Ability To Process Your Past And Get On With Your Life
Learn how to use the process of "tapping" to balance your physical and mental states to release trauma and stress from the past. Discover how to get unstuck and achieve more in life.
Mira Dessy
How To Create A Diet That Supports Your Bio-individual Mental Performance
There is a reason many food manufacturers are secretly hiding ingredients in their products and why diets like Atkins, Paleo and Keto don't work for everyone or worse could be affecting your ability to focus, regulate your mood and feel in control!  Discover what foods to avoid and what foods can work for your bio-individual needs to optimize your mental performance.
Michelle Howe
Loving Your Life - The Evolution of Wellness
Learn the foundational truths that guide your path to feeling good and loving your life. Discover a depth of wisdom that awakens your sense of inner connection. Move beyond struggle, confusion and insecurity with the right tools and recommendations. It's time to activate your capacity to feel good in your body!
Holly Duckworth
Applied Mindfulness For Executive Success
Learn what mindfulness means and how it can be applied to your life and work on a daily basis. Discover different methods for applying mindfulness and getting the most out of it. Find out what you can do to become more mindful and take advantage of the success it allows you to accomplish.
Kimberly Braun
Accessing And Living From The Flow At The Center Of Your Being
Get an inside look at the life-changing practices and perspectives that allow you to tap into the flow hidden deep inside each of us. Learn how to transition from riding a roller coaster of emotions to becoming a rock of inspiration, peace, happiness and joy in this ever changing world we currently live in.
Dr. Jim Painter
Fats, Fasting, And Your Microbiome’s Effect On Your Cognition Performance
Discover the benefits of MCT's & SCT's and how they help improve cognitive function. Find out how fasting improves several biomarkers for mental function and how it helps promote neuroplasticity in the brain. Learn how fasting allows the brain time to remove toxic metabolic compounds while promoting diversity of the gut microbiome, which in turn supports the gut-brain access.
Kathy Gruver Ph.D.
The Advantages of Ego State Optimization
We're pulling back the curtains on Ego State Optimization and how especially during these stressful time we can call on different aspects of our personality to get us through challenges. Learn about the "executive" ego states and how to map them so you can tap into them when you need them to step forward and handle tasks for you.

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